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TV Series The Walking Dead Download (Season 1) Full Episodes

The plot  The Walking Dead TV series, season 1, is about zombie apocalypse in its outbreak, and the protagonist Rick Grimes does not even know what it all has begun with. The man wakes up at a hospital. The world he loved and knew no longer exists. On his way home Grimes meets dead persons who, however, do not try to attack him. In his house the former patient finds his neighbors who quickly share the breaking news with him. One zombie’s bite is fatal because it infects the victim and turns him into a monster.

Loud sounds attract unwelcome attention so communicating must be as quiet as possible. Alone zombies are not a terrible situation as far as they are weak and sluggish. But if monsters unite in a large group then the survival chances of people are close to zero. Rick sets for Atlanta to find his relatives and family. But this road will take him to the other place. An attack a zombie could become the last that Grimes saw in his life. However a stranger saves the man from a bite. He tells about the large camp of survivors. Quite possible that relatives of Rick are there. But can he believe the people he meets on his way? TV series “The Walking Dead” will show you.


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Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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