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Top 20 Movie Blogs for Film Fans to Follow

    Video may be one of the best forms of content marketing, but there’s still great power in the written word, and 55 percent of marketers in 2018 rated blog content creation as their top inbound marketing priority. Blogs are great for content marketing, and they’re a fantastic way to express opinions and provide reviews for products and services, such as movies and television shows. Here are 20 of the top movie blogs that every film fan should be following in 2019.

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    1. CinemaBlend

    CinemaBlend is one of the most popular entertainment websites. The site dates back to 2003, and now boasts 19 million unique visitors each month, interacting with over 60 million pages of content.

    2. MovieWeb

    MovieWeb dates back to 1995, making it one of the first movie websites. Its long history has allowed it to build a strong reputation as a trusted source for news and reviews.

    3. Movie Pilot

    User-generated content is a good way to get regular updates on your site, and to have a wider range of genuine, honest opinions from people your audience relates to easily. Movie Pilot uses this method to good effect, and boasts over 30 million readers and contributors.

    4. Rotten Tomatoes

    Rotten Tomatoes is the leading online review aggregator, drawing together reviews from critics on other sites to give movies a “fresh” or “rotten” status. The site also allows movie fans to provide their own reviews, and includes original editorial content.

    5. Screen Rant

    The Screen Rant site launched in 2003, and has grown to become one of the largest entertainment news sources. The site served over 140 million readers in 2017, and has over 4.8 million subscribers on its associated YouTube channel.


    Roger Ebert was one of the world’s most famous and respected film reviewers. He sadly passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on thanks to his website, which offers high-quality reviews, movie news, and video blogs.

    7. JoBlo

    In all forms of content marketing, readers want genuine content they can trust. Often, that trust comes from an established history of quality, as is the case with the JoBlo site, which dates back to 1998.


    ComingSoon aims to provide greater insight to the world of movies by providing scoops and behind-the-scenes editorials. The site also makes good use of social media (including Facebook and YouTube) to build its audience and encourage engagement from their readers.

    9. Dread Central

    Unlike many movie blogs, Dread Central has a much narrower focus, mainly providing content relating to horror movies and thrillers.

    10. ScreenCrush

    ScreenCrush has the standard written reviews and videos, but it also has long-form content comprising opinion pieces and articles that provide a deeper insight into popular films and franchises.

    11. Collider

    Collider dates back to 2005. The site focuses on in-depth movie news, providing a thoughtful, analytical approach to reviewing Hollywood’s output.

    12. Birth. Movies. Death.

    This blog seeks to emphasize the central importance and significance of movies in the lives of so many people, while also celebrating what it is to be a “nerd.”

    13. We Got This Covered

    We Got This Covered started out as a WordPress blog, proving that it’s possible to create a well-respected and popular blog from very humble beginnings. The site focuses primarily on film, TV, and games.

    14. Dark Horizons

    Dark Horizons is an entertainment site with a history dating back to January 1997. Features focus more on the industry rather than celebrity gossip, and the approach has made the site one of the most respected outlets for entertainment news. For a fair and balanced appraisal of all that’s hot (and all that’s not) in Hollywood, this is the place.

    15. GeekTyrant

    Rather than focusing entirely on movies, GeekTyrant covers all aspects of “geek culture,” including movies, art, and games that appeal to geeks. This approach has made the site a real success, with over one million users every month.

    16. Den of Geek!

    Den of Geek! shares a similar approach to GeekTyrant, shining a light on all forms of entertainment loved by geeks. The site has nearly 10 million users each month.

    17. /Film

    /Film launched in 2005, and within its first month had developed a team of over 20 bloggers. It’s now a well-respected source for movie reviews and critical articles.

    18. Screen Anarchy

    Screen Anarchy is another site that encourages user-generated content. Users create accounts, and then post on anything relating to movies. The result is an eclectic mix of reviews and opinion pieces from a diverse collection of talented writers who are passionate about film.

    19. Heroic Hollywood

    Get your geek on with Heroic Hollywood, a fun entertainment site dedicated to exploring the history and impact of some of the biggest heroes to grace the Silver Screen.

    20. Box Office Mojo

    If you’re looking for more than reviews and want to know some of the figures behind the facts, Box Office Mojo is the place to be, thanks to its comprehensive box office database.

    Final Thought: Bring the Popcorn

    Great content is the primary way to build an audience, and all of the movie blogs on this list know exactly what it takes to attract film fans with a thirst for reviews and insightful articles. If you’re planning to start your own blog or you want a larger audience, be aware that you’re going up against some very tough opposition. Forecasts predict there will be 31.7 million bloggers in the US alone by 2020, so it’s going to be more difficult than ever to stand out. To have a chance of making a name for yourself, take note of how successful blogs are breaking the box office, and work on your content marketing strategy to ensure your written articles are entertaining, released on a regular schedule, and worthy of repeat viewings (preferably with popcorn).