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Swamp Thing Download Season 1 Free 720p

    Swamp Thing (2019) Season 1:

    In a secret facility located in the Louisiana swamplands, scientist Alec Holland and his wife Linda invented a Bio-Restorative Formula that would solve any nations’ food shortage problems. Ferrett and Bruno – thugs working for Nathan Ellery – barged into Alec’s lab, knocked him out, and planted a bomb in the facility. Alec woke up just as the bomb exploded, and in flames, he ran into the swamp. His body had been drenched in the bio-restorative formula, and this affected the plant life of the swamp, imbuing it with Alec’s consciousness and memories. The newly conscious plant life formed a semblance of a human form and rose up from the bog as the Swamp Thing, the latest in a long line of Earth elementals created when The Green was in need of protection.

    Short Line of Swamp Thing (2019):

    While looking into an epidemic in her Louisiana hometown, CDC investigator Abby Arcane discovers that the local swamps hold numerous secrets after her partner seemingly dies and transforms into Swamp Thing.

    Leading Roles of Swamp Thing Season 1:

    • Henderson Wade
    • Jennifer Beals
    • Andy Bean

    Genre of Swamp Thing Season 1:

    • Action/Drama/Fantasy

    Additional Information:

    • First episode date: 31 May 2019
    • Number of seasons: 1
    • No. of episodes: 1 (list of episodes)
    • Swamp Thing Season 1 Director: Gary Dauberman, Mark Verheiden

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    Swamp Thing (2019) Season 1 Download in English 720p Free.

    • File Name: Swamp Thing
    • Release Year: 2019
    • Language: English
    • Quality: 720p BRRip
    • Size: 450Mb (Each Episode)
    • Format: MKV

    Swamp Thing Season 1 720p (Episode 1)