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Selection Day Netflix Download Season 2 Free 480p 720p 1080p

Selection Day Netflix (2019) Season 2:

Selection Day can be considered as drama comedy because of its satirical approach towards the character’s obsession with cricket. There is nothing wrong with the show. Great character development and episode structure. Though initially, I was not sure whether I would like the tone of the show. But I must say I am quite intrigued by the show and now I am looking forward to the next season. Edit after Part 2: After watching the second part, I am changing my initial rating of 9 to 6. One of the main reasons is the shoddy screenplay. Neither the dialogues were appropriate nor the scenes were going away with the plot. In fact, it was very hard for me to understand what was going on the screen.

Short Line of Selection Day (2019):

Story of an Indian boy’s love of cricket in Mumbai, and his discovery that the game isn’t as pure as he thought. Radha and Manju two brothers who play exceptional cricket and preparing for the selection day. Their father brings them Mumbai to get enrolled them in a club as this will bring them closer towards goal. Their struggle continues when the money ends and when their new coach teaches them something new. However, the problem with money resolved but they found out new tensions.

Leading Roles of Selection Day Season 2:

  • Vishwa Bhanu
  • Yash Dholye
  • Subrat Dutta

Genre of Selection Day Season 2:

  • Sport/Drama

Additional Information:

  • First episode date: 28 December 2018
  • Number of seasons: 2
  • No. of episodes: 12 (list of episodes)
  • Selection Day Season 2 Director: Udayan Prasad

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Selection Day Netflix 480p

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Selection Day (2019) Season 2 Download in Hindi 480p 720p 1080p Free.

  • File Name: Selection Day
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Language: Hindi
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  • Size: 200MB (Each Episode)
  • Format: MKV

Selection Day Season 2 720p (1-12 Episode)