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Download Wajah Tum Ho (2016) Full Movie in Hindi 720p HDRip

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    The movie starts by showing a lodge where a policeman is having sex with a young girl and then goes out to meet the girl’s boyfriend. The policeman blackmailed the couple because he caught them with drugs and the girl made a deal with him to have sex in exchange for dropping all charges. After the policeman leaves, he gets into an accident. When he regains his consciousness, he finds himself chained where a computer genius hacks a T.V. channel owned by Rahul Oberoi (Rajneesh Duggal) and broadcasts the live murder of a police officer called Ramesh Sarniak. The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Inspector Kabir Deshmukh (Sharman Joshi), interrogates Rahul Oberoi wherein Sia (Sana Khan), a lawyer, tries to defend his case. Sia has her boyfriend Ranveer (Gurmeet Choudhary) as the prosecution lawyer.

    During the investigation, Kabir Deshmukh considers Karan Parekh (Himmanshoo A. Malhotra), Rahul’s old business partner, to be the suspect. Inspector Deshmukh tracks Karan’s location in a hotel and goes to catch him. Upon reaching the hotel, he discovers that Karan is missing and is also being murdered on live television. Later, Inspector Deshmukh finds out that Rahul and Karan were involved in raping a girl named Rajni (Prarthana Behere), an employee in Rahul’s company. Inspector Deshmukh reveals this to Ranveer and Sia wherein Ranveer speaks out about the fact that an old man had saved Rajni from being raped and filed a complaint against Rahul and Karan. At that time, Rahul and Karan were prosecuted by Ranveer in the court. However, Ranveer lost the case as the old man had died in a fiery explosion in his house and was the only witness for that case.

    Now, it is clear that Rahul was not involved in any of the murders. Eventually, the police consider Rajni to be the suspect. Rahul now decides to flee India but is not allowed to leave because his sugar level drastically increases. In no time, the police get to know that Rajni has gone missing and learn that Mac, Rajni’s boyfriend who is also an employee in Rahul’s company, is involved in the murders.

    As Inspector Deshmukh comes to know that Rahul is to be hospitalized, he goes in search of Mac to save Rahul from being killed. Inspector Deshmukh runs behind that ambulance and learns that Rahul is missing. Mac takes Rahul to the same place where the police officer, Ramesh Sarniak, and Karan Parekh had been killed. Rahul finds himself tied and gets shocked when he sees Sia there. Sia reveals to Rahul that she is the one who killed the officer Sarnaik and Karan. It is further revealed by Sia that the old man who helped Rajni didn’t die in an explosion but was murdered by Rahul, Karan, and the officer Sarnaik. Sia further reveals that the old man who was killed was Sia’s father. Sia then attempts to kill Rahul by increasing his sugar level. During the process, Rahul reveals to Sia that it was of no use to kill them as the real killer is still alive. Rahul tells her that Ranveer was bribed by Rahul and Karan to save them and also planned the murder.

    Thus, Rahul dies and, heartbroken, Sia leaves from there. Soon, Inspector Deshmukh comes to know that Sia is the killer. Sia takes Ranveer to the same place where the murders were committed and reveals to him the truth and also tells him to admit his crime. Knowing this, Ranveer refuses to do so but is being tricked by Sia as she had called the police and the whole statement was recorded and traced during her call.

    This leads to a fight between them in which Inspector Deshmukh arrives and fights with Ranveer. During the fight, Sia takes a gun and shoots at Ranveer, killing him.

    In the end, it is shown that Inspector Deshmukh forgives Sia for her crime and also leaves his job

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