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Download Tum Bin 2 2016 Full Movie in Hindi 720p HDRip

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    Taran (Neha Sharma) is engaged to Amar (Aashim Gulati). One day, they go on a skiing vacation and stay in a resort. Taran doesn’t like to ski, but Amar loves it. The next morning, while Taran is still asleep, Amar goes out alone to ski. While skiing, Amar skiis into a dangerous area of the mountain. There he almost hits a man on a bike. He manages to avoid the man but falls over the edge of the mountain. Right after, there is an avalanche. Taran and Amar’s father (Kanwaljit Singh) search endlessly for Amar, but the rescue team are unable to find him and declare him dead. Taran and Amar’s father return home and try to get over their shared grief.

    Eight months later, Taran is still mourning the loss of Amar. One evening, Amar’s father introduces Taran to Shekhar (Aditya Seal), the son of a good friend of his. Amar’s father invites Shekhar to go to Taran’s house for Taran’s sister, Manpreet’s birthday. There Shekhar meets Taran’s sisters Manpreet (Meher Vij), Gurpreet (Sonia Balani) and Navjot (Jaipreet Singh), Manpreet’s boyfriend. He also gets to know Taran better and discovers she wants to open up her own patisserie. He also finds out that Taran is depressed because she still hasn’t gotten over the death of Amar. When he asks her why she loved Amar, she tells him that she doesn’t have a reason, because ‘love doesn’t need to be reasonable, it’s just felt’. Shekhar, who has recently sold his company for 30 million pounds, decides to help Taran start up her own patisserie. He also helps Taran get out of her depression and re-discover the happiness in her life. During this time he also develops a friendship with both of Taran’s sisters. Shekhar eventually falls in love with Taran, and after a while, she realises she also has feelings for him. This results in the two of them sharing a kiss.

    However, shortly after it is revealed that Amar was in a coma for the last eight months. The doctors were unable to identify him, which is why they weren’t able to contact Amar’s family earlier. After waking up, Amar returns home to his family. Shekhar decides to distance himself from the family and from Taran. Eventually, Taran realises that she still has feelings for Shekhar and that she has to tell Amar the truth about what happened when he was in a coma. She breaks up with Amar and, with Amar’s blessing, starts dating Shekhar. Amar and Taran decide to stay close friends. However, while Amar pretends to be okay with Taran dating Shekhar, he’s very hurt and miserable without Taran. Amar tells Shekhar to give him some time to adjust to this new situation.

    Shekhar notices that Amar and Taran are still very close and, even though Taran is dating him, Shekhar feels that she still misses Amar. When Shekhar asks Taran why she chose him over Amar, she replies that ‘it was the right thing to do’ and that she couldn’t leave Shekhar after everything he had done for her and her patisserie. After Taran runs off to once again help Amar, Shekhar gets angry. He gets drunk, switches off his phone and doesn’t talk to Taran for four days. Taran and her sisters get very worried. On the fourth day Shekhar goes to Taran’s house, once again drunk tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore and leaves. He later calls her and tells her he’s leaving the country. When Taran, Amar and Amar’s father go to Shekhar’s house to search for him, Amar sees the same sweatshirt the biker he almost hit on the mountain, was also wearing. Amar figures out that Shekhar was the man on the bike who almost hit him. Amar’s father then reveals that he actually knew this all along: Shekhar is not his good friend’s son. Amar’s father actually met Shekhar when he came to his house eight months ago, shortly after Amar went missing. Shekhar told him all about the incident, and how he felt guilty about it. Amar’s father forgave him and Shekhar started visiting Amar’s father regularly. Amar’s father started seeing Shekhar as a son, which is why he introduced Shekhar to his family and to Taran.

    Amar and Taran hurry to the airport where Shekhar is about to board a plane. Taran stops him and tearfully asks him why he is leaving her. Shekhar tells her that, while he does really love her, he knows she doesn’t love him as much as she loves Amar. She couldn’t get over Amar for 8 months while she has only known Shekhar for a couple of weeks. Shekhar tells her that he knows she’s only dating him because she feels like ‘it isn’t right’ to leave him for Amar. However, he reminds her that ‘love doesn’t need to be reasonable and responsible’. She should just follow her heart and be with the one she loves the most, which is Amar. He asks Taran to deny it, but she can’t: everything that Shekhar said is true. Shekhar hugs both Taran and Amar and leaves tearfully, reuniting Amar and Taran.

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