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Download The Full Series of Ghoul

    Release Date: 2018-

    Genre: Scary

    Format: MKV

    Size: The average of each part is 220, 320 MB

    Product: America

    Score: 7/2/10

    English language

    Distribution channel: NETFLIX

    Synopsis: The episode of three episodes directed by Patrick Graham is a tale of a prisoner who comes to a remote military interrogation center, disrupting the interrogators by revealing their most horrific secrets, an affair that contains streaks of paranoid elements in It has itself.


    Season 1

    Ghoul.S01E01480p | 1080p x265 | 720p | 720p x265  

    Ghoul.S01E02: 480p | 1080p x265 | 720p | 720p x265  

    Ghoul.S01E03: 480p | 1080p x265 | 720p | 720p x265