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Download the Full Series Deadly Class

Released year: 2018
Genre:  Drama
Rating: 9. 4 /10
network  syfy
Synopsis:  A story of a homeless teenager who has come to a private elite school where large families of criminals send their children to study there. While trying to maintain his moral character, he must rescue a brutal educational program and social stereotypes.


Season 1

Deadly Class.S01E01:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E02:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E03:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E04:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E05:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E06:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E07:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E08:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E09:   480p   |  720p x265

Deadly Class.S01E10:   480p   |  720p x265