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Download The Full Series Crossing Swords

Released: 2020
Genre: Animation
Stars:  Nicholas Hoult, Luke Evans, Adam Pally
Score: 6.7 / 10
Network: Hulu
Synopsis: A well-mannered farmer in a dream at the Royal Castle becomes a knight. But his dream job is not something he could have hoped for.

Crossing Swords

Season 1

Crossing Swords.S01E01: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E02: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E03: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E04: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E05: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E06: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E07: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E08: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E09: x265720p |  480p

Crossing Swords.S01E10: x265720p |  480p