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Download The Full Series Bloom

Releases: 2019
Genre:  Drama, Artifact
Score: 8.1/ 10
Network:   Stan
Synopsis: The storyline is about a year after the slaying that killed five people in a small town. But nothing goes by that strange plants grow in the city that is capable of rejuvenation and…

Bloom (TV Series 2019–2020) - IMDb

Season 2

Bloom.S02E01:     x265720p | 480p

Bloom.S02E02:    x265720p | 480p

Bloom.S02E03:    x265720p | 480p

Bloom.S02E04:     x265720p | 480p

Bloom.S02E05:     x265720p | 480p

Bloom.S02E06:     x265720p | 480p

Season 1

Bloom.S01E01:   X265720p | 480p

Bloom.S01E02:  X265720p | 480p

Bloom.S01E03:  X265720p | 480p

Bloom.S01E04:  X265720p | 480p

Bloom.S01E05:  X265720p | 480p

Bloom.S01E06:  X265720p | 480p