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Download Pink 2016 Full Movie in Hindi 1080p BluRay

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    Pink, is a story of three girls – Minal Arora (Taapsee Pannu), Falak Ali (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) who are staying together as tenants in a posh South Delhi locality and are normal working professionals in their respective fields. One night, after a rock concert they accept a dinner invitation from Rajveer (Angad Bedi), who is the nephew of a powerful politician from South Delhi, and two others to a resort in Surajkund, Faridabad district, Haryana. Rajveer is known to Minal through a common friend. Rajveer and his friends get drunk, and so do Minal and her friends. Seeking the opportunity, the three men separate the three girls from each other. Rajveer then tries to molest Minal (Taapsee Pannu) despite she saying NO to him. Minal picks up a bottle and smashes it on Rajveer’s eye, leaving him bleeding.

    To avenge the same, Rajveer and his friends try to vacate the girls from their houses by threatening them and the landlord. Minal is even kidnapped and molested by Rajveer’s friends in a moving car. Minal (with the support of her friend) is finally forced to approach the police with the intention to file a FIR against Rajveer and his friends. However, knowing Rajveer and his family, the lady police officer on duty does not register the complaint. Upon realisation Rajveer lodges a false FIR against the girls, labelling them as prostitutes, using his powerful contacts. Minal is then charged for ‘Attempt to murder’ and for soliciting, where she could face imprisonment for more than 10 years if convicted. The other girls are labelled as co-accused.

    Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) is a retired lawyer suffering from a bipolar disorder that experiences frequent mood swings and has an ailing wife (Mamata Shankar). He is also a neighbour of the 3 girls (Minal, Falak and Andrea). He witnesses their troubles and after consultation with his wife represents the girls on the court as their defence counsel. In the courtroom, Rajveer’s lawyer, Prashant Mehra (Piyush Mishra), presents the following version of events: Rajveer and his friends meet with Minal and her friends at a rock concert. The men invite the women for dinner at a hotel resort, where they have drinks. The women provoke the men and demand money, all signs indicating that they are prostitutes. Rajveer refuses to pay and an enraged Minal hits him on the head with a bottle and flees.

    Prashant’s argument focuses on the poor moral character of the women. He pushes the idea that the friendly manner of the women, the fact that they attended a rock concert and the fact that they had drinks with the men indicate that they were prostitutes. Prashant attacks the fact that Minal has family in Delhi but chooses to live alone, Falak is in a relationship with an older man, and Andrea has moved to the city from the North East of India.

    Contrary to this, Minal and her friends state that the men tried to sexually assault them. Minal alleges that Rajveer tried to rape her, and she attacked him with the bottle in self-defence. Deepak’s argument focuses on the issue of consent and a woman’s right to say no. A series of interesting and chilling courtroom arguments ensues in the following days. Towards the end of the trial, Rajveer becomes enraged and provoked by Deepak, revealing the truth by stating that the women “got what they deserved”. Deepak criticizes the regressed views of the society where women are stereotyped as prostitutes if they come home late, move out of their home, want to be independent, drink and so on, but none of these applies to men. In his closing remarks, Deepak mentions that his client said “no”. No means no and does not require further explanation. The women are acquitted while Rajveer, Ankit, and Dumpy are charged. Vishwajyoti is let off with a warning

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