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Download Happy Bhaag Jayegi (2016) Full Movie in Hindi 720p HDRip

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    Happy (Diana Penty) is supposed to marry Bagga (Jimmy Shergill), a small-time merchant. But, on the eve of her wedding, she tries to elope with her boyfriend, Guddu (Ali Fazal), a musician. However, during her escape stunt, she inadvertently finds herself in a truck which is scheduled to arrive in Lahore, to Bilal’s (Abhay Deol) place. Happy informs Bilal, an upcoming politician, that she wants to call Guddu. Bilal refuses to help her. At Amritsar (hometown of Happy) Guddu is abducted by Bagga to make sure that Happy would have to ultimately return to him. Happy creates a ruckus when in town & is caught by the police officer who informs Bilal. Bilal intends to deport her immediately. Happy fears that she would be handed over to her father, who would forcefully marry her off to Bagga. She threatens Bilal that she would ruin his family name by announcing to media that she is been smuggled from India as a part of human trafficking racket. Bilal is confused & is confronted by his fiance Zoya. Initially, Zoya feels that Bilal is cheating her but then assumes for a while that Happy is telling the truth & co-operates with both. Zoya suggests that only way to get rid of Happy is to get Guddu over here, marry them & deport them back. Till then Happy is to stay at Bilal’s residence. Meanwhile, Bilal has really hard time keeping this secret from his father & always tensed by run-away bride Happy who is out of control as well.

    While Bilal’s father is out on a diplomatic mission to China for a week, Bilal makes a plan to go to India with ACP Afridi. They pose as a music company from Lahore who wants have a show of Guddu in Lahore. Bagga relents when Bilal tells him that as Guddu is out in Lahore, he would peacefully be able to marry Happy. At last moment Bagga comes to know that Happy is in Lahore as well & this music show was a just a ploy to take Guddu to Lahore. As Guddu reaches Lahore, Bilal’s father is back since his meetings got cancelled. As if this was not enough, Happy is abducted by goons who are friends of Bagga. Bagga gets Happy’s father along with him to Lahore. Here Afridi has already made provision to arrest him as soon as he steps down from the bus. Bagga is arrested along with a messenger from goons who have abducted Happy.

    Afridi leads a team with Bilal, Zoya & Guddu to a hideout of the goons. Meanwhile when the goons find out that Bagga is arrested by police & set out to rescue them. This way Happy & Bagga are both set free. Another trouble crops up when Happy’s father who is searching her daughter is mistaken by a police for an Indian spy who is set to kill Bilal’s father. Every time Bilal finds a way from a trouble, other crops up. Bilal feels that Happy’s father is out to kill his father since he is helping Happy marry Guddu. This ensures a chaos which leads to the climax of the movie where Happy is set to marry Guddu.

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