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Download Flying Jatt 2016 Hindi Full Movie in 720p HDTV

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    The story begins with a strong influential businessman Mr Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) who has his factory on a land near a lake where all the toxins are leaked. He wants to build a bridge on it for faster transportation but cannot do so due to a sacred tree present on the other side of the lake and the land wholly belongs to Mrs Dhillon. Mrs Dhillon is a hardcore Punjabi woman living with her two sons Aman Dhillon (Tiger Shroff) and Rohit Dhillon (Gaurav Pandey). Aman is a martial arts teacher in a school but is constantly humiliated by the music teacher and the students. The only person who supports him is his best friend Kirti (Jacqueline Fernandez) on whom he also has a crush.

    Mr Malhotra who wants to get rid of the tree any which way contacts Raka, a death trap mutant, and gives him money to remove the tree and so he reaches there but Aman intervenes causing himself to get electrocuted by the tree. Next morning he finds himself on his bed alive with no sign of any hurt and presumes to be a dream and but does not notice the Khanda on his back, which is also present on the tree. That day, he and his brother noticed a few unusual things such as catching fast-paced balls from bowling machine, learning stuff quickly by just touching the book and even no sign of the bullets shot at him. Later his mother also confirms by testing various times through a sharp knife and immediately declares him a superhero.

    She even tells him the story of his father late Sardar Kartar Singh Dhillon, a Sikh who went to Shaolin to learn martial arts and soon was named Flying Jatt and so she asks Aman to take up the legacy of his father and keep Flying Jatt as his superhero name to which he agrees. Initially, various comical events take place like his low flying due to his fear of heights, a misunderstanding due to his costume but were truly recognised when he saves a bank from getting looted. He even proposes Kirti in the process and also tells her the truth.

    Raka who had been missing all this while is found alive but is now stronger and more dangerous than before as he grows stronger with an increase in pollution. Aman goes to battle him but is fatally injured and to save him from further pain, his brother goes instead of him and gets killed. Not wanting to loose his other son too, Mrs Dhillon decides to leave the town, when Aman decides to stay and not go his brother’s sacrifice a waste. his Mother then tells him the story of Sikh’s 300 years back when few dacoits kidnapped the women of their town, it was only the Sikhs who went to save ther and freed every girl. This is when Aman finally agrees to wear the Turban and fight with Raka.

    On the other hand, the people who think Flying Jatt is dead decide to defeat them on their own due to once what Rohit had said “A real superhero is the one who can defeat enemies without powers” and even Mr Malhotra joins them. They decided to eliminate pollution by planting trees everywhere, when Raka comes to kill them once and for all, Flying Jatt suddenly appears. Raka in a fit of rage drags Flying Jatt to the tree and tries to kill him when his mother comes front and says the quote “Chirian te mein baaz tudaun, Gidran to mein sher banaun, Sawa lakh se ek ladaun, Tabe Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun.” which gives more inspiration to Aman who gets up and flying high and reaches outside the earth near satellite and after a rigorous fight finally kills Raka with the help of his Kadha and returns back on earth with a successful victory.

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